Data Storage & It’s Criticality

Data StorageAll forms of computer usage require data. You financial accounting systems, your word processing, even simple browsing needs data.

With the advent of VoIP, the need for data has become more critical. Your contact details are data stored on a computer. If this gets corrupted, then you won’t be able to make a call as the VoIP system will struggle to get the correct IP address. Similarly the VoIP system will not know how to handle an incoming call if it’s database is corrupted.

In this article, we will be looking at the importance of data storage.

Data Storage Types

Computer data storage, also known as memory or storage, are the computer components or recording media that help in retaining digital data. Computers are used to store data that can be later used for a variety of purposes. Data storage is one of the primary functions performed by a computer and it is also the most vital function. The CPU of a computer performs computations on the stored data. Data storage technology has evolved in the last few decades and this has given rise to various storage devices like hard drives, flash drives, memory cards, disc drives etc. Memory devices are often confused with the storage devices but there is a difference between the two – memory devices are used for temporary storage and they lose all the data on being switched off. Storage devices, whereas, are used to store data on a permanent basis.

Conventional Data Storage Devices & Backup

Data storage on conventional storage devices like hard drives is often followed up with proper and timely backup and protection in the form of data security. Data loss and pilferage often results in great loss for organizations, so it is imperative that all storage devices are secured. Data stored on centralized servers of a company are often copied, shared and distributed for variety of operational purposes. There are a variety of ways to protect data losses and a primary thing to do is to provide proper power back up. Power failures often lead to data losses and this can be protected by ensuring proper power backups so that the data can be saved in the event of a power outage.

Data Backup

Regular backup of data on servers, PCs and laptops needs to be deployed from time to time so that issues of data loss can be minimized if not completely solved. Data loss and pilferage can result from various problems like power outages, viruses, data theft and unwanted access. As a business owner you need to ask your IT team to draw up a plan for IT best practices in the office as well as find out ways to stop any kind of data pilferage. Implementation of network firewall and limited access to your users will help in reducing any kind of data losses. Employees should help ensure proper data backup at regular intervals.

Data storage can be carried out on devices like hard drives, disc drive (CD ROMs), Flash Drives, etc. There are a variety of new storage devices in the market that can help businesses tide over the challenges of data storage. If your organization does not have a dedicated IT team or lacks the IT infrastructure to provide complete data security then it is best to choose alternate options like Cloud storage. This is the latest technology that is slowly being accepted by the corporate world as a reliable and cost-effective storage solution.

Cloud Data Storage

Cloud storage is a data storage model where the data is stored in the logical pools spread over multiple servers. The entire infrastructure is managed by a hosting company. The cloud hosting companies are responsible for storage, access, protection and management of the storage infrastructure. Cloud storage companies provide storage space to the organizations and individuals who want to store organization, application or user data. The cloud storage can be accessed from Web service API (Application Programming Interface), co-located cloud servers, etc.

Cloud storage is all about accessing the virtual infrastructure and other cloud computing features like scalability, metered resources, multi-tenancy, instant elasticity and accessible interfaces. The best thing about cloud storage services is that it can be used in the form of an off-premises services or on-premises deployed services. There are advanced storage facilities offered by cloud storage such as block storage.

You can choose the type of data storage you want depending on your business needs and budget.

In today’s modern business world, the use of computers is a given. And computers use data in one form or another. It is important that data storage be given the importance and attention it deserves. Networking, cabling, and Internet connections affect data storage one way or the other.

At SourceOne, with our knowledge and expertise in all these related fields, we can deliver a pathway for effective storage, backup and security of your critical data.

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