VoIP Phishing & Protection

VoIP phishing and protection is the latest talk of the town as more and more companies are trying to get a grip on the phishing menace. Phishing is a way of extracting vital security information from unsuspecting users who end up furnishing their information after falling prey to classic traps. The victim provides all his personal information without ever doubting the source that asks them to feed the information. Phishing is similar to fishing in all respects because here too there is a bait which, when bitten, proves to be fatal. Phishing has hit the VoIP users as well and this has given rise to a new term – Vishing.

How Vishing Works

Data thieves are out there and they want your personal information like mail ids, credit card details, SSN number etc. They send random mails and messages over VoIP to users and wait for those naïve ones who would part ways with their vital personal information. Once they have the information, they wreck havoc on the lives of the unsuspecting users.  Most often, the data thieves send out voice mails or email messages disguised in the form of official messages and then try to extract vital information like bank details, Paypal account details, credit card details etc.

These fraudsters inform you about a serious problem with your bank, Paypal, or credit card account, and ask you to go to a particular page where you can input your updated information. Users like you and me often unsuspectingly visit the fraudster’s page and provide all our private data. We do not realize that we have given away our financial security. Thus, it becomes easier for them to take away our hard earned money.

The one big reason behind the rise in VoIP phishing is the affordability and user friendliness of VoIP hardware equipment. This includes routers, IP-PBXs, ATAs and IP phones which use user friendly software. This makes it really easy for the fraudsters. The portable devices can be easily carried and plugged into a PC or other smart devices, which can then be used as phishing devices.  VoIP numbers can be easily set up and then destroyed within a matter of few minutes thus making it really hard to track the calls made to the victims. A large number of virtual VoIP numbers can be set for any country and messages sent to thousands of victims at a go.

Protection against Vishing

  1. Awareness – This is only way you can ensure protection from Vishing. You will never be fooled or duped if you are aware. Majority of the financial institutions, banks and organizations always inform their users against such attacks. They warn their customers against providing any vital information to unknown agencies or individuals. Companies using VoIP should run awareness campaigns to inform their employees about the classic traps and ways to avoid them. In case there is a mail or message informing the users about a problem with their bank accounts or Paypal accounts, they must straightway contact the bank or company and seek more information. This is probably the easiest way to defend against such frauds.
  2. Beefing up VoIP security – This is another way of ensuring that none of the unsuspecting users are duped of their hard earned money. Companies that have a PBX system at office should regularly upgrade their call manager software so that the calls are filtered. The call manager software will also help to detect the suspicious calls that come from random unknown numbers. It is important to buy PBX software that has a preloaded anti-phishing feature.
  3. Inform the security agencies- If you are being repeatedly bombarded with calls from unknown numbers that ask for vital information, call the security cell in your office and inform them immediately. Companies should try to inform the authorized security agencies about the problem, so that the fraudsters can be tracked and nabbed at the earliest.

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