Is Your Business Ready for VoIP?

Small and large organizations are realizing the importance of adopting the latest VoIP, or, Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP telephone systems are getting popular with every passing day and, hordes of new orders are being processed by the VoIP service providers. The recent phenomenon shows that the days of small business phone is over and businesses desire to project a very professional image by switching to VoIP. Cost savings is the biggest driving force behind this trend and organizations are eager to cut down their communication costs without compromising on the quality; this is achievable only by migrating to VoIP.

Are You Ready?

In case you too have decided to upgrade your old communication system at office, you need to find out whether you have the necessary network infrastructure to support the latest VoIP or not. The systems integrator or reseller partner whom you chosen to work with, will tell you whether your network is ready to handle VoIP calls or not. They might even suggest you to create a dedicated network to handle the VoIP traffic. Queries about the current bandwidth and call volumes will be raised in order to estimate the required bandwidth that you will need.

Analyzing the network needs a general understanding about some of the requirements pertaining to VoIP. In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the important aspects related to the VoIP network infrastructure:

LAN (Local Area Network)

LAN or the Local Area Network is the network infrastructure that exists in your office. You will need to determine whether you have all the PCs, Laptops, Mobile devices and other end point devices connected to the network. Here again the number of users is of great importance because the higher the number, the higher the number of connections and thus the bandwidth requirement.

You will need to upgrade your network infrastructure if you have plans of expansion or adding new employees. For instance, if you do not plan to include too many users within the next 2 to 3 years then there is no point in upgrading your network infrastructure. However, if there are plans to increase the number of network users in the near future, then it is best to go for an upgrade right now.

The type of business phone that you choose also depends on the number of ports you are planning to offer to the users. In case you are offering only one port per user then it is best to opt for the phones with internal switching.

Internet Connection Speed

The speed of your Internet connection plays a very significant role because it is a key determinant of the call quality. The cable/DSL connections are not too efficient and you will not be able to support too many users. On the other hand if you have a pipe or high upload speed connection then you can use VoIP services seamlessly.

It is imperative that you increase the speed of your Internet connection i.e. opt for higher bandwidth. This allows the remote users to connect to the communication system efficiently and make calls that do not suffer from low audio quality. The bandwidth of every user can be restricted or lowered by making changes to the codec and this is something that almost everyone follows.


Uninterrupted power supply is mandatory to maintain a round the clock communication system at office. You will be relieved to hear that there are several companies which are providing unique power back-up solutions to businesses – all at very low prices. Thus, getting a good power supply system will never bother your employees with the problem of power issues.

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