Is VoIP Phone System Secure And Reliable For Business?

VoIP phone systems have long been acknowledged as the next big thing in the telecom circuit and there are many companies that are actively using this new technology. Communication is a vital activity for every business, and, an efficient enterprise solution is an absolute necessity. VoIP has fulfilled almost all the expectations that a business owner might have about a complete communication system. The features that IP telephony offers never ceases to amaze the users. From Voicemail to automated call routing, Hosted VoIP has everything in its kitty.

Even though VoIP has been acclaimed to be the best technology in the market, there are many naysayers who still doubt its abilities when it comes to reliability and security. Reliability of VoIP services has always been an area of concern for both VoIP users and providers. Since the entire communication system is based on the Internet, it is obvious that any problem with bandwidth or speed of the Internet connection is bound to take a toll on the call quality and the overall service as well. Security related issues too cropped up many times as many consider the Internet to be highly vulnerable to various cyber threats and cloud based VoIP can face collateral damage in the event of security breaches. Now, both reliability and security of the VoIP system can be strengthened by taking some easy measures.

Measures to ensure better security:

  • Install firewall: Prior to subscribing for a VoIP service, it is imperative that the users contact the service providers and get a brief on the firewall security at the provider’s end. Majority of the bigger service providers will mention about firewall security at the server-end and will also instruct the users to install firewall on the office network.
  • Keeping an eye on Vishing: Well, there are many hackers who want to get access to the central communication systems of business houses and this can be stopped by not falling into the Vishing trap. Business owners need to set strict guidelines for the users as to when and to whom they are required to furnish their access details if and when required. This would stop the unsuspecting users from parting away with their vital information to a hacker.
  • Using latest updated applications: When the company offers mobile communication access to their employees, it is very important that they ensure the usage of the latest version of all VoIP applications. The application developers keep fixing their application for bugs and other issues, as well as developing new features, so it is imperative that only the latest versions are used.

Measures to strengthen reliability:

Bandwidth and speed of the Internet – This is the primary thing that needs to be checked prior to using the cloud based VoIP. Since this technology relies heavily on the bandwidth so it is important that the users have the required bandwidth available prior to using VoIP.
Latest equipment: Since the audio and video hardware is used to receive or make calls, it is imperative that they are in good condition. A faulty headphone or a web camera can reduce the call quality by a great extent. So if you are looking to having a proper communication system, then it’s better to use the latest equipment.
Local Network – The local network has to be in good condition and there should be no faults in the wiring or else the signalling will be disrupted causing complete blackouts or call drops. After all it is the local network that connects all the endpoint devices and when they experience problems, the call quality too is going to be adversely affected.

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