Top 5 Benefits of Cloud Based Telephony for Business

Cloud based business phone services refer to the services which are available to users on demand over the Internet from a hosted telephony provider. Cloud services are specially designed for providing easy and scalable access to VOIP. It is managed fully by a cloud service provider.

Cloud telephony is the installation of a variety of hardware, phone features, and applications, the use of which draws employees closer and streamlines office operation. There are many types of cloud based phone systems and most of them can be customized per the requirement and structure of individual businesses. The Cloud model is cost effective as it provides hosting applications, and maintenance of specific communication tools used in the office or business. Cloud based service can meet the needs of user and the hardware and the software costs are borne by the provider. It is not necessary for a company to deploy its own resources to manage the service. Cloud based services may include on-line call recording, data storage and backup solutions, office suites, document collaboration, database processing, managed technical support services and much more. There are several benefits of cloud based services in business. Some of these are as shown below:

Reduced Costs

A majority of small and medium sized businesses operate with limited budgets and cannot afford setting up a sophisticated IP-PBX. With cloud based business phone system, one can actually have access to the technology without buying the IP-PBX. Larger companies have the funds to invest for IP-PBX, server rooms and data centers whereas small scale businesses do not have that capability. But with cloud based phone service, it hardly matters any more. Obtaining business phones online implies that there is no need to invest much for expensive software and hardware. Cloud based customers pay on the basis of usage. This in turn saves a huge amount of money and those savings can be utilized in other places.

Improves Security

Businesses based on cloud based phone systems rely on delivering communication connectivity services to the customers 24/7. They also have to ensure security and privacy of data and connection. Even a single data breach is enough to destroy the reputation of a company and in turn lose customers’ confidence. As a result, cloud service providers take necessary precautions where security is concerned. Also these companies invest a lot in guarding the IT infrastructure. Toshiba, for example, hosts its VIPedge on a data center that has multiple levels of security that are both physical and pass protected. Everything is time locked, and closed at the slightest doubt. There is redundant power, as well as enough fuel to run the data center for a week, if power fails. On top of this, all the databases are backed up elsewhere.

Small scale businesses would find it difficult to to invest on such things or even provide a high security solution. Going with cloud based phone service makes the business secure from online threats as well as hardware damage.

Use Upgraded Solutions

By sourcing cloud based services from a third party, small businesses are able to access the latest technology and solutions in their respective field. The software gets updated with day to day development. Cloud based phone system vendors are continuously trying to add more features and upgrade technology to the existing system. This advantage is handed over to the client businesses and thus they use the latest technology. This gives a chance for small and medium companies to compete with the larger ones.

Provides Flexibility

Small businesses can easily respond to the change in trends and market scenarios. Cloud based phone services help businesses to become agile and allows employees to work from various locations. Business owners can even used cloud based services to carry out their communication while traveling. Only Internet access is required. Employees can also work on weekends or holidays from home if highly required, without coming to office.

Business Continuity

With the availability of cloud based phone systems, it is possible to back up important data which can become a life saver for business in case of any disaster. If flood or fire or even a hardware breakdown occurs, the data is secured and can be accessed anytime from anywhere. Cloud based services also allows continuation of work during extreme weather which prevents employees from going to office.

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