10 ways to Improve Your VOIP Quality

A good quality VoIP service is very important for any business. Your business is at stake so you cannot afford to be stuck with a faulty VoIP service. VoIP technology actually transmits the analogue voice signals in the form of data packets over the Internet and call quality is bound to suffer due to problems like delays, packet loss or other errors. Your connection to the Internet as well as the devices used to connect to Internet play vital roles in improving the quality of VoIP service. Here are 10 ways to improve your VoIP quality:

  1. VoIP service quality is very much dependent on uploading and downloading speeds. If you experience hissing or delay during a call, the first thing to do is to check with your ISP. Check what actual speeds you are getting, and whether any upgrade is available. While you decide to go for the upgrade, always consider to reliability, consistency, and speed. If needed, move to another ISP that offers better connectivity.
  2. If you are using a shared Internet connection, you have to ask for an assured contention ratio to improve the quality of your VOIP service. There are many who use the same ISP as yours. Some are light users such as surfing and emails users. Others download music or videos and these put a heavy burden on the connectivity. More users in the server actually brings down the speed of the connection. An assured low contention ratio will help to increase the speed. At the end of the day, verify the actual download speeds on your end over a period of time to make sure you are getting what has been promised.
  3. You have to optimize your computer for Broadband as a typical fresh computer is not optimized for Broadband. Mac and Windows operating systems are by default not programmed to handle the challenges that are created by larger packets of data or faster rates of transferring the data. You have to have Broadband optimization for this purpose.
  4. Upgrade your software to get better service quality. There are several benefits of keeping the software properly upgraded.
  5. Improve your WiFi signal. If you are using a WiFi phone for making the calls, then the best way to improve the call quality is to improve the WiFi signal.
  6. Use a DECT phone when your attempt of improving your wireless network actually fails. The DECT phones do not require a wireless network and they work just like cordless phones. The only difference is that you can actually plug the base station into your computer with the help of a USB port and at the same time plug into the telephone socket.
  7. Getting a new headset is the best option for improving VOIP service quality, especially for those who use soft phones and make calls while they sit in front of the computer. The cable of a headset wears out easily and thus affects the VOIP service quality.
  8. Use wired Ethernet instead of WiFi to improve the quality of VOIP service. The WiFi network can become patchy at times, especially in places where you are surrounded by concrete floors and walls. When your attempts of improving the WiFi connection fail, it is time that you switch to a wired Ethernet connection.
  9. Reduce the number of simultaneous calls for improved service. Every call places a demand on the service of the VOIP and simultaneous calls will do nothing but add to the overhead.
  10. Pause any downloads while you are making calls. The process of downloading will obviously slow down the rate of data transfer. If you continue to download while on a call, it will most likely result in a call drop, which is obviously not desirable.

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