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Surveillance systems help keep employees and clients safe by deterring unauthorized entry, burglary, violence and harassment in a working or shopping environment. However, there are important practical, and money saving, reasons for installing them as well.

Here are the top ways surveillance systems can improve your bottom line:

Deter Theft – Often, just the sight of a camera installation will redirect a potential thief – saving your business money by protecting your inventory, even from employee theft. (An estimated 1/6 theft arrests are employees.) Surveillance video can also provide investigators with valuable evidence if needed for criminal cases.

Improve Performance and Productivity – Employees are more likely to work harder and provide better customer care when managers keep an eye on performance. Employers can also review procedures to find potential practices that need to be modified for efficiency, for example. All of this translates to a better bottom dollar.

Prevent False Claims of Injury – As with theft, surveillance serves as a preventative method to help stop fake injury claims by employees and consumers alike. The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud found that false “slip and fall” claims in retail shops alone cost about $30 billion each year. These claims can total tens of thousands of dollars against a business’ general liability policies. With video accountability, employees are also more likely to follow correct safety procedures resulting in fewer workers comp claims.

Reduce Insurance Rates – Many insurance companies offer discounts on premiums for businesses that have professionally installed security camera systems.

Better Customer Experience – When a customer has a great shopping experience, they are more likely to spend money on your products and services. Video monitoring can provide an opportunity to learn how your customers shop, what draws their attention, and what they like and dislike. Your business can then determine what will have the greatest impact on customer decisions to create an enjoyable and valuable experience.

Resolve Conflicts – Altercations can arise for many reasons in a work place between employees or between an employee and a client. The ability to review digital video of what took place can save you time and money by arming you with the information you need to proceed appropriately.

In addition, current surveillance technology offers other incentives, such as –

▪ Real-time monitoring ▪ Digital storage ▪ HD wide-angle cameras ▪ Auto-Infrared for night monitoring ▪ Easy-to-use software ▪ Apps for mobile devices

If you’re interested in taking the next step to protect your business with surveillance, please contact us for a complimentary consultation and estimate – we look forward to serving you!

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